Terms of Cooperation


I.General regulations


1.1. The present regulations (hereinafter referred to as „Regulations” shall define the website terms of use (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) including software and data bases available on the Website at: www.rejestryiprocedury.pl by the users (hereinafter referred to as “Users”).

1.2. Dorota Janik with residence st. Hebanowa 26 (55-080) Smolec (hereinafter referred to as ”Company” or "R&P"), NIP 8322014354 (tax identification number): , REGON number: 369053720, is the owner of the Website.

1.3. Regulations constitute regulations referred to in clause 8 of the Act on Rendering Electronic Services from 18 July 2002 (Journal of Laws from 2002, number 144, item 1204 with changes). 

1.4. R&P renders services (hereinafter referred to as ”Services”) via the Website consisting in: 

sharing photocopies, copies, Xerox copies or an authenticated copy of documents from the records of the National Court Register, Commercial Register A, Commercial Register B, Commercial Register C and on the basis of a relevant power of attorney or authorisation from common courts of law, the state offices (including tax offices), the National Criminal Record having their registered seat in Poland or on the basis of a relevant power of attorney or authorization organization of court representation.

1.5. R&P reserves the right to limit the access to the selected Services offered on the Website to Users who violate provisions of the Regulations.

1.6. Within the meaning of the Regulations, the User is every entity using the Services and also an entity which concludes or has concluded an agreement on provision of services, a permanent cooperation agreement or an entity on behalf of which such contract has been concluded.


II.Principles of the access to the Website and technical requirements


2.1. All Internet users have access to the generally accessible part of the Website without the need to fulfil any formalities, this access is not dependent on making a registration by the User on the Website.

2.2. R&P reserves the right to separate content which may only be fully accessed by the Users who have registered on the Website.

2.3. Using the Website is possible on condition that the User’s data information system meets minimal technical requirements.

2.4. R&P does not bear responsibility for any technical problems or technical limitations arising in the hardware used by the User and which make it impossible or make it difficult to use the Website and Services offered via this Website.

2.5. Entering the Website which makes it possible for the User to use a Service follows in each case logging into the Website by using a possessed login and a password. Logging into the Website is held through the log-in panel available on the Website at: www.rejestryiprocedury.pl. 

2.6. The User is bound to exercise due care in order to write down (to memorize) a login as well as a password while information concerning these data should not be available for the third parties to prevent an unauthorized access to the Service.

2.7. In case the User forgets or loses his login and/or a password, R&P makes it possible to recover the login and assign a new “password”. E-mail address at which it is possible to recover the login and obtain a new password has been published on the Website at: www.rejestryiprocedury.pl. 


III.General terms of the Website and Services use


3.1. The User is bound to use the Website in accordance with the Regulations, the law in effect, general terms of the Internet use and the purposes of the Website and in particular in a manner which does not violate the rights of third parties and the rights and interests of R&P.

3.2. The user is, in particular, bound to:

a) use the Website in a way which does not interfere its functioning in particular with regard to usage of a specific software or hardware,

b) not to undertake such actions as: sending or/and publishing non-requested commercial information (the so-called spam); multiple registration of the User in the Service; using other User’s accounts or making one’s account accessible for other Users; undertaking IT activities or every other activities aiming at coming into possession of other Users’ passwords,

c) to use the Website in a manner inoffensive for other Users as well as for R&P, with observance of their personal rights (including a right to privacy) and all other rights they are entitled to. 

3.3. The User is not entitled to copy, modify the software, interfere with IT system and rent, lease and to other forms of passing the Website together with included data. The User may not share the Website and data included on the Website from ftp, http servers and the websites and via other mechanisms and devices via which they would be accessible for other parties than the User. 

3.4. The User may not disseminate the whole or any part of the Website and not to introduce it to public trading in any other way. 

3.5. The User may not use the Services:

- contrary to the character and purpose of the Services

- in a way leading to an offence within the meaning of relevant provisions of the law

- in a way harming the integrity of the Website or R&P IT system

- contrary to the provisions of the Regulations and relevant provisions of the law.

3.6. In the event of ascertaining that the User violates the provisions 3.2 – 3.5, 

R&P may immediately block his account, R&P has also the right to take all measures leading to redress for the damage connected with it.

3.7. The User consents to a free-of-charge display of a logo characterizing the User’s company on the Website in sections in which R&P places other Users’ logos. 

3.8. The User is exclusively liable for actions performed within the Website using a valid login and a password.

3.9. R&P is entitled to all rights, including copyrights to the Website and data bases structure included on the Website. The Website and software along with documentation and data included on it are protected by the provisions of Polish law and by provisions of international conventions with all consequences resulting from that.  


IV.User registration on the Website


4.1.In order to obtain a login and a password to the Website a prior registration of the User on the Website is required. A registration of the User is free of charge.

4.2. User registration within the Website is made by means of completion the registration form made accessible on one of the pages of the Website that is after completion of relevant gaps in the form and after it’s acceptance.

4.3. Completion of the registration form requires disclosure of the following data:

- name of a business entity which the User represents,

- password,

- name and last name,

- business address,

- business e-mail address.

4.4. Giving a consent to the provisions of the Regulations as well as an allowance of personal data to be processed for the purpose of the services provided by R&P constitutes a registration term on the Website. 

4.5. Upon acceptance of a registration form a person making a registration declares that he is an authorised person to represent the business entity on behalf of which he/she accepts the Regulations.


V.Detailed terms of ordering and execution of orders


5.1. A single order concerning the performance of a specific Service or Services ordered by the User for the benefit of R&P without the need to make a registration shall be hereinafter referred to as “Order”. An order is considered as executed upon sending copies, photocopies, Xerox copies or legalized copy of documents by R&P to the address (including e-mail) given by the Use in an order.

A correct completion of all required gaps in an order form or placing an Order during a telephone conversation with R&P consultant constitute a principal term of realization of an Order. By completing an order form and sending it to R&P or by placing an order during  a telephone conversation with R&P consultant, the User makes an offer to buy a Service.

5.2. Order and delivery time does not include weekends and statutory holidays.

5.3. An order is considered as placed upon submitting of an order form completed on R&P website or by making an explicit statement during a telephone conversation with R&P consultant by the User.

5.4. Orders placed on a day preceding a non-business day or on a non-business day are treated as ordered on a nearest business day. In case of extension of order time such information will be visible on the www.rejestryiprocedury.pl home page.

5.5. If a gap including a shipping address is not completed in case of selection of an option of sending by courier, the documents will be shipped to the address given in the NCR (KRS) Registry or in the Central Registration and Information on Business (CEIDG).

5.6. Giving a telephone number during placing an order is explicit with a consent to giving this number to the Courier delivering the shipment. The Courier is going to contact the Client by calling the number given by the User in telephone number field contents.

5.7. In case the User decides to download the documents from the server, a password and a link will be sent to the e-mail address given in the form, after opening the link ordered documents may be downloaded. This link is going to be active and available for the User within 14 days from the day of its receipt. 

5.8. R&P  does not bear responsibility for errors on the part of the User as a result of which the User will not be able to download the ordered documents.


Errors include inter alia:

a) deficiency of downloading the files,

b) different types of settings on the User’s server – User’s operator

c) other causes not on the part of R&P.


VI.Costs and fees


6.1. R&P reserves the right to commence the realization of orders for which it receives payment confirmation from the payment operator Dotpay, by fax or by e-mail.

6.2. In case the User selects payment by bank transfer or a postal order, the User sends proof of payment on a fax number or e-mail address designated on the Website at: www.rejestryiprocedury.pl.

6.3. In case the User fails to pay for the Order within 3 (three) days of placement of the order, R&P has a right to (may) contact the User on an e-mail address and a telephone number given in a form to check if the Order is still valid.

6.4. By placing an order for the realization of a service, the User obliges oneself to make an on-line payment via Dotpay.

6.5. R&P does not run cash on delivery service.

6.6. R&P charges for the services in accordance with the current price list. The current price list has been published on the Website at: www.rejestryiprocedury.pl. 

6.7. A debit card and e-transfer transactions are carried out via Dotpay.


VII VAT invoices


7.1. In order to receive a VAT invoice for an access to use the Services, the User using the access to Services should mention a request concerning VAT invoice via the contact form installed in the “Contact Us” bookmark, providing necessary data.

7.2. On the basis of provisions of Minister of Finance Regulation of 17 December 2010 on sending invoices in electronic form and rules of their storing and procedure of making them available to the tax office or tax audit agencies, by accepting the Regulations the User consents to issuing and sending by R&P in electronic form: 

a) VAT invoices;

b) correcting invoice;

c) duplicate of VAT invoices 

in PDF format, on terms and conditions specified in the regulation mentioned above.

There is a possibility to withdraw the present acceptance which may be sent in electronic form to the following e-mail address or in a written form by post to R&P address. Having received such information, the invoices will be sent by post. 

7.3. The User who uses the access to the Service in registration system may be charged statutory default interest by R&P in the event of delay of payments following from an agreement on provision of permanent cooperation services. 

In the event of a delay exceeding 30 days, R&P is entitled to suspend provision of services. Upon paying the outstanding amounts including interest R&P will resume provision of services without charging extra fee.



VIII. Liability rules


8.1. R&P maintains current surveillance over functioning of the Website ensuring its correct functioning. However, due to a technique of provision of on-line services, R&P does not guarantee permanent accessibility to the Website and their faultless functioning.

8.2. Incorrect completion of an order form (eg. incorrect name of the product, wrong National Court Register (KRS) number) causes a lack of possibility to obtain relevant documentation in the court. In such situation the Order may not be realized and the costs incurred by the User shall be returned taking into account possibilities of deduction of costs incurred by R&P for the realization of the Order. 

8.3. R&P shall not liable for untimely delivery of documents by the Courier. By guaranteeing delivery of a given document at a certain time in its offer, R&P bases on the rules of delivery of shipments guaranteed by the Courier.

8.4. R&P shall not liable for:

a) errors in documents issued to R&P by common courts of law, the national offices, National Court Register, Register of Insolvent Debtors, National Criminal Record or other institutions,


b) damage to the shipment made by the Courier

c) a delay in the delivery of the order caused by an institution issuing documents particularly due to temporary lack of access to the files 

(e.g. judge’s files, a breakdown of data communication system in the institution issuing documents),

d) change of date of court sessions, hearings, absence of a judge who conducts proceedings,

e) other errors and irregularities that are not attributable directly to R&P.  

8.5. R&P is not responsible for damages occurring for reasons not attributable to  R&P, including damages caused as a result of incorrect usage of the Website by the User. As provided for in the law, R&P shall not be liable for any losses of the User, including losses resulting from a loss of profits or other accidental, derivative or indirect losses resulting from usage of the Website provided that R&P has a valid  civil liability insurance policy covering services rendered by R&P.

8.6. Responsibility of R&P towards the User is limited to the amount of money which the User has actually paid due to the usage of rendered Services. 


IX.Termination of the Website use


9.1. The User may terminate to use the Website at any time, particularly when he does not accept changes made to the Regulations.

9.2. R&P is entitled to refuse or deprive the User of the right to use the Website (by blocking or deleting his account) as well as to limit his access to some or to all resources of the Website or Services offered within the Website with immediate effect in the event of violation of any of the provisions of the hereby Regulations and also when:

a) the User provided untrue, inaccurate or invalid, misleading or violating the rights of third parties data during a registration on the Website 

b) R&P has previously terminated the contract with the User as a result of circumstances for which the User has been liable,

c) the User in person or together with third parties or through a third party, uses the Website in a way contrary to its purpose.

9.3. The User who has been deprived of the right to use the Website may not make a registration on the Website again without prior consent of R&P.

9.4. R&P reserves the right to suspend operations of the Website or to terminate rendering Services via the Website at any time and for any reason. In such case the registered Users will be informed in advance about this fact by e-mail. 

9.5. In case the User downloads a considerable amount of data, R&P is entitled to terminate the contract. At the same time R&P will reimburse the subscription costs which the User has paid. 


X.Privacy policy on the Website


10.1. Information concerning the Users including information personal data information are processed by R&P – as data administrator – in order to render Services by R&P via the Website.

10.2. R&P processes information concerning the Users including information of a personal data character subject to the provisions of law in force regarding this matter, particularly in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act dated 29.08.1997 (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland 2002 No 101, item 926 with further amendments) and the Act on Rendering Electronic Services from 18 July 2002 (Journal of Laws from 2002, number 144, item 1204 with changes) with the use of collaterals required by the law.

10.3. Every User has the right to access his personal data, to make changes and supplements, the right to demand cessation of their processing and deletion.

In case of data deletion conditioning use of the Website or Services rendered through the Website, the User loses the possibility of using them.

10.4. In case the User gives a consent required by the law, Users data may be processed for marketing processes, including sending commercial information by R&P and his partners to an e-mail address given during the registration or address indicated at a later date.

10.5. R&P uses cookie files in order to gather information connected with the Website use by the User. Cookies files permit identification of the User’s PC in order to assure that his account has been used by a person who enters correct login and an assigned password.




11.1. All complaints related to rendering the Services via the Website must be submitted to the address given by R&P on the Website www.rejestryiprocedury.pl.

11.2. A complaint lodged by the User due to non-performance or undue performance of the Service by R&P should be executed in writing and specify: 

a) the User’s data enabling his identification

b) a subject matter of a complaint

c) circumstances justifying a complaint.

11.3. The following faults, defects and irregularities connected with usage of the Service and resulting from:

a) User’s errors or mistakes,

b) malfunction of the Internet browser and  the telecommunication lines,

c) insufficient throughput of telecommunication links used by the User,

d) third parties’ activities for which R&P is not responsible.

have been excluded from the scope of the complaints.

11.4. R&P will examine a complaint within 14 days of its receipt and then will send the answer indicating a decision as to the complaint along with justification to the User. 

11.5. In case when data or information given in the complaint require supplements, R&P requests the party making a complain to supplement them before R&P examines a complaint. 

Time of giving additional explanations  by the User extends complaint examination period.

11.6. If it is impossible to examine a complaint in time determined in paragraph 11.4, R&P will inform the User giving reason for extension of a deadline and expected answer date. 


XII. Final provisions 


12.1. The Regulations shall enter into force on the day of its publication on the Website and from this date it shall apply to contracts concluded with R&P.

12.2. R&P reserves the right to change Regulations at any time e.g. in the following cases:

a)in the event of making amendments to the law provisions by state authorities or announcement of verdicts which influence or may influence the rights and obligations of the parties specified by Regulations,

b)amendments to technical conditions of rendering Services including those connected with technical or technological progress,

c)amendments to terms of software use or use of hardware used for rendering Services made by manufacturers or entities which have rights to the software or hardware,

d)amendments to terms of the Internet use or change of organizational rules of the Internet caused by technological progress or by a decision of the authorities,

e)organisational changes or legal transformations of R&P including changes or transformations which do not result in legal succession,

f)formal and organisational changes on the part of R&P.

12.3. Amendments to the Regulations shall enter into force as of the date of its publication on the Website at: www.rejestryiprocedury.pl provided that the User, after having permission to acquaint himself with the contents of these changes, did not terminate the contract until a lapse of the aforementioned time limit. 

12.4. The User may not assign any rights resulting from this contract without a prior consent of R&P expressed in writing.

12.5. Provisions of Regulations are subject to Polish law. In matters not regulated by this contract relevant provisions of the Polish Civil Code or other acts shall apply.

12.6. Recognition of individual provisions of Regulations as invalid or ineffective in the form stipulated by the law does not influence validity or effectiveness of other provisions of Regulations. Instead an invalid provision, a rule closest to the aims of the invalid provision and the whole Regulations shall be applied instead. 

12.7. The Users are entitled to a free of charge access to the Regulations at any time via link published on the home page of the Website, which permits its download, record and printing.