Confidentiality and Privacy Policy


R&P – The Chamber of Registries and Procedures attaches importance to handling a thorough confidentiality and privacy policy for its clients. Personal data stored in the R&P data base are saved and protected from access of unauthorized parties as well as stored in accordance with Art. 23 Sec. 1, Sub. 1, 3, 5 of the Personal Data Protection Act for the purpose connected strictly with running a business activity.

Information stored in the system logs, deriving from the common Internet connection policies is used only for technical reasons connected with administrating our server. Besides, the aforementioned data is used in order to store the common, statistical demographic information (such as information about the region from which an Internet connection is initiated), advertisement and marketing goals, references etc. When filling out the registration form on our website your contact data must be provided. It is necessary in order to log in and gain an unlimited access to the services provided by R&P. Contact information provided in a registration form are used for accounting purposes as well as to contact the client (e.g. within the client service).

Our safety policies protect your data from interference of the third parties. We take appropriate steps in order to protect the personal data base by limiting an access to it. Only a limited group of the R&P employees is entitled to access personal data of our clients and the newsletter subscribers.

R&P provides its clients with an opportunity to modify their declared data by phone or via e-mail. Supplements, corrections or updates of the personal data may be effectuated by calling us on  +48 726-76-16-14/15 or by sending an e-mail