The R&P offers services based on demand of the advisory firms for access to the proceedings from the courts and state-run control institutions (administrative courts, tax offices etc) as well as the documents stored in the National Court Register (KRS) and the National Criminal Record (KRK).

As the entity with broad awareness of current trends on the market of legal, consulting and tax services, the R&P team realizes the fact that the aforementioned documents are indispensable in the professional running of advisory services – both to the legal practice and business entities (operating in mergers, acquisitions, purchases and sales of receivables), and legal assistance dedicated to the participants of court and administrations proceedings.

Employees of the advisory companies are not infrequently sent at the request of their customers to different parts of Poland in order to analyze and make a copy of official documents of critical value in deals or proceedings in which the customers are involved. It’s worth mentioning that travel and accommodation costs and - most important of all - time of the employee, irreversibly wasted on travelling instead of spent on substantive work, have to be treated as the firm’s loss of great value.                                                                            

Taking the aforementioned into consideration the R&P offers its assistance and declares a willingness to take over all of the logistical and administrative tasks relating to providing the copies of documents to its potential customers.

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